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Kid to Camp!

Ask anyone who has attended a Christian camp or conference center as a child or teenager, and chances are you’ll hear stories of how that experience shaped their life and their faith, how it clarified their purpose and ignited their passion. 

“I love camp because it's my home, it's my second family and everyone is my sister or my brother. What blows me away is not the cool activities or the fun programs, but it's the people I meet and the whole atmosphere and culture of love -  it's incredible that people can come and have a sense of belonging, when for some kids, it may be the first time they feel that level of love and acceptance.” 

“Camp was my favourite place while growing up! It was a great place to learn and grow. It was also a good break, in some ways, from the things happening back home..... chaos in my parent's broken relationship.” 

“Just having the holidays to look forward to, got me through the term. Camp was also a place where my true self started to come out- it was a place I could be myself, something I didn't really feel I could do anywhere else. People accepted me for who I was- I instantly belonged.” 

Imagine if any kid, anywhere could go to camp regardless of their ability to pay.  This program gives children  that normally couldn’t afford to attend, an opportunity to go to camp where they can make new friends, gain new skills, learn who they are, what they are capable of becoming and giving them a hope for their future. 

“Going to kids camp helped me to truly understand who I was as a person, it helped me to be more confident in myself and it was a place I had so much fun and made lifelong memories” 

Would you consider helping to send one or more kids to camp?

Full scholarship is just $200 but part scholarships are ok too 

Donations are gratefully accepted from individuals or organizations. 


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